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Microneedling is a procedure designed to trigger new collagen synthesis in the skin, leading to the growth of new skin cells and the breakdown of old scar tissue. As the microneedling tool glides over the treatment area numerous, ultra-fine needles, designed to penetrate through the epidermis create microscopic punctures on the skin’s surface. To repair these micro-injuries the body uses the broken down collagen and elastin fibers to reconstruct new, youthful, healthy cells. This service helps to soften acne scars, target fine lines & wrinkles, and reduce hyperpigmentation. 



Full Face Microneedling $300

Neck Microneedling $100

Full Face and Neck Microneedling $350

Decollete Microneedling $200



Microneedling with PRP

Microneedling creates a perfect environment to introduce serums and other agents to the skin for enhanced results, including PRP (platelet-rich plasma). Platelets are packed with growth factors that can be used to soften and tighten skin, creating a smooth texture and tone. When used in conjunction with microneedling, a small amount of blood is drawn and spun down to isolate the rejuvenating PRP. It is then, re-introduced to the body via microneedling and injections. It’s a very safe and effective treatment that can be used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, sunspots, enlarged pores, and hair loss.   



Full Face PRP $650

Full Face PRP package of three $1500 (Recommended)


Provider: Alisa Shchavlinskiy, RN & Dr. Shakib

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