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How does direct primary care work if I have health insurance? 

Visits are not billed to your insurance and no co-pay is required. All primary care visits are covered by your membership fee. However, lab work and medication can still be billed to you health insurance.


What if I don't have health insurance?

All primary care visits are covered by your monthly membership fee.  Discounted labs are available through our clinic and we can also assist you in finding affordable medication options. 

Can I take care of all my primary care services within the clinic?

Yes, all typical primary care services such as annual physicals, gynecological exams and visits for acute and chronic health concerns can be done at our office. Our providers can manage both your medications and supplements, order lab work and imaging, and provide referrals to specialists. 

Does the direct primary care (DPC) program require a minimum contract?

Our DPC programs have a one time joining fee of $200. There is a 3-month minimum commitment, after which memberships are month-to-month

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