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Emotional Release Bodywork

Head Massage

Emotional Release utilizes essential oils and different modalities such as sound healing, crystals, tapping, reflexology, mantras, humming, access bars, pranic Healing, and words of affirmation.  


The body holds emotional patterns within it regardless of our conscious awareness and the release of these patterns is an internal process unseen by outsiders. Stored emotions remain in the body as cellular memory and reside in the regions of the body that have corresponding vibration frequency referred to as "alarm points."

This dynamic therapy offered by Fabiola at New Wave Medicine is a mental, spiritual, physical treatment that helps remove the stored emotional trauma from the limbic system, where much of it is stored. By applying therapeutic essential oils to the corresponding "alarm points" and taking in the scents, which are direct conduits to the limbic system, we assist in releasing the negative patterns embedded within the cellular memory of the body. 

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